Economical and effective, Bovimalt assists digestion in ruminants

Improved feed efficiency
Productivity improved
by 1.5 litres of milk per cow per day

on average with milk quality unchanged (protein, butterfat) and better feed efficiency.


Improved feed efficiency
An improvement
of 130 grams per cow per day

on average with meat quality unchanged (protein, butterfat)


Our customers say so

Bernard, Vendée

Production is up and vets’ bills are down.

Sylvain, Charente-Maritime

After changing the ration, we found the milk recording results showed an increase from 1.5 to 2 litres of milk per cow per day.

Thierry, Vendée

Since we’ve been using Bovimalt, the milk yield has increased by 3 litres per day per cow, teat health is excellent and leg condition couldn’t be better.

Chantal, Yonne

We find the peak in lactation persists, analyses are satisfactory or even better and the cows also have very glossy coats.

Our customers say so

Marc, Finistère

We have gained between 100 and 150 g live weight a day. We have animals that have better growth with a silkier coat and plumper muscles.

Obtained by solid state fermentation of wheat particles, a process traditionally used in Asia, Bovimalt is a natural processed raw material


Bovimalt is the result of 5 years’ research undertaken by the Osiris laboratories.

The development programme funded by the Soufflet Group, a well-known player in the agriculture sphere, has the goal of naturally increasing the potential of cattle feed rations.

Our research is focused on developing biocatalysts, enzyme complexes with extremely varied profiles, that enable the breakdown of fibres.

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